beauty: summer look with L.O.V in Barcelona


outfit-spring-summer-look-l.o.v-make-up-look L.O.V-make-up-1For me Barcelona is one of the most beautiful European cities ever. The country, the people, I just love everything about it. Especially, that you can combine a city trip with a relaxed beach holiday. All of that together with a great shopping tour on top – is there anything more you can ask for? Over the roof tops of Barcelona I created this summery make-up look for you, which goes perfectly together with my latest summer dresses I’ve bought recently. For this look I exclusively used products from L.O.V which I have been allowed to test for you for quite a while now and which are really great in regard of cost and value.

By the way I got to know this brand a couple of months ago when I got invited to a  little blogger dinner in Frankfurt. Together with the other girls I was allowed to test the touch of the products, as well as their textures and we learned in which way they differ from all the other cosnova products (for example essence and CATRICE). I think the L.O.V packaging is much more high-quality and looks more appealing but is still affordable. As you know, I love wearing popping colours on clothes as well as on make-up. Pink lips with the LIPaffair Color & Care Lipstick together with the matching nail lacquer create a perfect overall look for me. The textures of the L.O.V products are super, especially that THE Undressed 12H Moisturizing Foundation, so you only need a little bit of product to get a perfectly concealed finish. On top of that I like using the LOVsun HD Matte Bronzer, that fits into every handbag and is always on hand for a touch-up with its integrated tassel. For my eyes I used the new THE GLACIOUS Eyeshadow pen, which is super easy to use on your lid and stays in place the entire day thanks to the primer I had put underneath it. The final step for me is always my signature eyeliner on my eyes, which I am wearing almost every day as you might know! For me personally, the easiest way to apply eyeliner is the L.O.V Eyeliner Pen in a pencil shape.

I hope you like my first and really colorful summer look?

L.O.V-products-1 L.O.V-products-nails L.O.V-products-eye

outfit-l.o.v-make-up-look-summer outfit-barcelona-l.o.v-make-up-look outfit-spring-summer-1-look-l.o.v-make-up-look outfit-barcelona-summer-look-l.o.v-make-up outfit-barcelona-make-up-look-l.o.v outfit-spring-summer-look-l.o.v-barcelona L.O.V-look-fashionhippielovesoutfit-summer-look-spring-l.o.v-make-up-lookoutfit-l.o.v-make-up-sommer-look-barcelona outfit-barcelona-look-make-up-l.o.v




*in friendly collaboration with L.O.V

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