Outfit: shades of red and brown

outfit details: Blazer: Lioness // blouse: Iro Paris // pants: Commando // bag: Céline // sunglasses: Gucci // booties: Sarenza // necklace: old // earrings: Baublebar

Happy Friday wünsche ich euch! Heute zeige ich euch ein Outfit, welches ich vor einigen Wochen bereits getragen habe. Derzeit komme ich so selten dazu, hier auf dem Blog zu posten, möchte dies aber unbedingt wieder ändern und regelmässiger posten :). In diesem Sinne wünsche ich euch ein schönes Wochenende!

Happy Friday everyone! Here’s an outfit I wore couple of weeks ago :). At the moment I rarely post here on the blog, but I definitely want to change this again and post more regularly :). Have a nice weekend!




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  • Gopal Roy

    YGopal Royour outfit is so cute! The sweater looks so comfy.

  • Ujjal Dey

    Such a beautiful and classic bag!

  • Bidyut Jana

    I’m loving everything about this outfit, and I love your hair, really gorgeous!

  • Jaganath Barman

    I agree with your ideas. Fashion is something that changes so fast. So it’s useful to keep some evergreen ideas in mind.

  • Sourav Halder

    I like your jacket.

  • S Mishra

    Nice outfit..

  • Smishhra

    Fantastic outfit..

  • Suvajit Roy

    I love your style..

  • Sourav Halder

    Such a beautiful outfit…

  • Cwangee Cwangee

    nICE OUTFIT..good choice.

  • Pradyut Dutta

    Truly excellent collectionS..

  • Ujjal Dey

    rEALLY Brilliant and fantastic outfit…

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